Enlighta Platform: Adaptable Workflow Processes

adaptability of processes

The adaptability of processes to support client needs is a key requirement for ITIL delivery and governance solutions, and therefore Enlighta Platform includes robust process automation and process monitoring capability.

Process automation

Application analysts can easily change processes without programming or create new ones typically in hours. Process automation includes support for work steps, and actions triggered on performing of the work steps. These actions may be sending emails, custom actions, alerts, etc. Documents can be attached in process steps, and fields can be designated as required.

Multi-Level Approval

Multi-level approvals can be configured, with a full audit trail of every user action. Branching is supported where different paths in the process are triggered based on conditions defined (such as specific field values). Auto-reminders or time-outs can be defined with actions (such as email alerts).

Process execution dashboards

Process execution dashboards allow for cycle-time and volume metrics to be reported. The speed and cost at which processes can be implemented and adapted to client-specific needs make a big impact on the return on investment and business stakeholder satisfaction.

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