Enlighta Platform: Ease of Use and User Experience

User Experience

Ease of use is a key factor in adoption. Enlighta has based its UX (User eXperience) on Google’s Material Design. The ability to configure or customize the look & feel of solutions (logo, color, theme, layout, etc.) as well as the specific forms, sections on forms, fields & dashboards is important to drive adoption and familiarity for end-users. Most enterprises have global teams and the ability to easily support specific locales is important for global adoption.

Rapid UI Adaptibility

Just as with the adaptability of the Metadata, the Interface of Enlighta solutions can be adapted rapidly to address client-specific requirements. Several user-interface elements can be easily changed via system properties and configuration. 

Dynamic User-Level Locales

Enlighta supports dynamic user-level locales where in the same application instance, one user may view the solution pages in say, US English and another user in Chinese. At the platform level, additional locales can be added to the pre-defined locales.

The adaptability of the interface for client-specific look & feel requirements, as well as the support for internationalization, make it easier to roll out Enlighta solutions globally.

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