Enlighta Platform: Alerts & Notifications

multiple forms of alerts – notifications, reminders, breaches, warnings, and escalations

Alerts & Notifications keep the Stakeholders in the loop for critical actions like Approvals, remind them to Submit high-priority request, or inform them about SLAs or Compliance Terms breaches.

Enlighta platform comes with multiple ways to alert the stakeholders. Be it notifications, reminders, breaches, warnings or escalations, Enlighta platform delivers alerts that are easy to acknowledge & respond to, and even color codes them for visual distinction.

email alerts, SMS alerts, RSS feeds, dashboard alerts, etc.

The Enlighta Platform integrates Alerts into different Spice modules and can deliver alerts via multiple methods such as email alerts, SMS alerts, RSS feeds, dashboard alerts, etc. 

Alerts can be sent to specific user groups or to all users with a specific user role or to individuals, and on clicking of an alert, the user would be directed to the source of the alert. Alerts enable relevant messages to be delivered to the appropriate user using the right format of alert delivery.

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