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Streamlined Vendor Spend Management

Reduce financial risks, improve compliance, and optimize vendor ROI with Enlighta Spice.

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Simplify Vendor Spend Management
with Enlighta Spice

Empower executives with decision support for cost control by analysis of actual and forecasted Vendor Spend by Spend Category, Cost Center, and Sector across time.

Seamless Contract Organization

  • Vendor Spend Capture : Capture actual and forecasted vendor spend by month or by year. Vendor Spend can be imported via Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, entered online, or be input via automated data-feeds from external sources (such as ERPs). 

  • Spend in Common Currency: Support for loading of currency conversion tables and automated conversion of vendor spend to common currency for reporting and analysis.

  • Spend Reporting and Analysis: Reporting of Vendor Spend on Dashboards with support for analysis of vendor spend by spend category, by cost center, by sector and other dimensions.

Enlighta Spice Advantage


Streamline onboarding, contracting, performance, compliance, and risk monitoring and management with one platform.


Tailor everything from assessments to workflows without code and integrate internal and external data feeds and systems with Enlighta Spice.


Leverage advanced machine learning rules and NLP to automate contract identification and generation as well as clause extraction, analysis, and updates.


End-to-end encryption, standalone application deployments, and regular vulnerability assessments guarantee your data’s security.


Automated backups, high availability, and uptime SLAs ensure consistent performance and uninterrupted reliability for you and your third-parties.


Start small and scale to thousands of vendors, contracts, and users with our modular platform and flexible subscription plans.