Vendor Performance & Governance

Enlighta Spice enables enterprises to gain complete visibility into their supplier performance to make data driven decisions and optimize supplier engagements. With Enlighta Spice you can track & manage service levels measures & KPIs, manage & track goals & objectives, create monthly requests, enable vendors to self report performance with exceptions, analyze SLA scorecards, manage issues/incidents, and much more.

Lower cost of supplier performance management

Increase supplier performance via greater executive visibility

Insight into service penalties, rewards and earnbacks

Scorecards and analytics for deeper insight

Service Levels, Measures & KPIs

Auto-calculate, track & manage key contractual SLA & KPI metrics to monitor supplier performance against SLAs & KPIs with detailed reports. 

Goals & Objectives

Easily capture KPIs against Programs & Goals for effective measurement, analysis, supplier performance reporting, and continuous improvement.

Monthly Requests

Configure automated request to be sent to Suppliers on a monthly cadence to manually input the actuals for the previous month or upload the data in CSV format.

Self Reporting & Exceptions

Automates the process for suppliers reporting their performance monthly or quarterly, validation, review & approval of reported performance, and generation & reporting of SLA scorecards. Easily manage SLA Exemptions by marking a ticket or transaction record as an exemption to exclude it from the auto-calculation of SLA metrics. 


SLA Scorecards

Gain actionable insights with SLA dashboard and analytics capabilities like SLA scorecards (monthly performance against SLAs by Supplier, Contract, Service Tower, and Service Category), SLA Credits & Earnbacks (by Supplier, Contract, Service Tower & Service category), Trend of SLA Performance (by comparing against previous month performance), aggregate report of percent SLAs met or missed and Ad Hoc reports for custom requirements.

Issue / Incident Management

Create, assign, re-assign, resolve, close issues, create parent-child issue hierarchies, capture the root cause of issues, auto-create issues (on SLA breaches, on Invoice validation errors, on missed Deliverables, etc.), mark an issue as a duplicate, track and report cycle time and volumetric reports, drill down from Issue Management Dashboards and slice/dice issues. Effectively manage action items by automatically creating & assigning action items based on pre-defined business rules or events. 

Enlighta Spice Can Also Be used for

Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM)

Supplier Portal & Onboarding

Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM)

Governance & Compliance Management (Obligations Mgmt.)

Supplier Financial Management

Enlighta Solutions are used & trusted by Leading Enterprises

Used across 10s of thousands of suppliers & third parties and for well over $50B of spend by several F500 enterprises.

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