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AI-Powered Vendor Performance Management Software

Optimize vendor relationships and ensure service level alignment with an AI-powered vendor performance management solution that works out of the box.

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Intelligent Vendor Performance Management Solution

Make data-driven decisions to optimize and strengthen vendor partnerships.

Streamlined SLA Tracking & Reporting

  • Create, import, or extract SLAs & KPIs to SLA library: Create your own SLAs and KPIs. Import via Microsoft spreadsheets, or automatically extract SLAs and KPIs from contracts.
  • Self-reporting and data collection: Automate SLA/KPI actuals data requests to vendors based on the relevant cadence (monthly, quarterly, annual). Enable vendors to self-report performance data within Enlighta Spice or by importing data from Microsoft Excel spreadsheets or CSV files. 
  • Automation of SLA/KPI Input: Automate the calculation of SLA/KPI actuals from ITSM tools such as ServiceNow. 
  • Detailed reports: Gain instant insights into vendor performance with comprehensive reports on SLA adherence, exceptions, and trends.

Actionable SLA insights

  • SLA Dashboard: Dive deep with SLA analytics dashboard that tracks monthly performance by supplier, contract, service tower, and category. Generate aggregate reports and tailor them to your specific needs.
  • Credits and earnbacks: Set up and monitor SLA credits and earnbacks accrued by vendors.
  • Performance trend analysis: Identify performance improvements or regressions by comparing data across months.

Align vendor performance with strategic goals

Clear KPI Setting: Easily capture (KPIs) linked to specific programs and goals for effective measurement, analysis, performance reporting, and continuous improvement.

Why Enlighta Spice for Vendor Risk Management


Streamline onboarding, contracting, performance, compliance, and risk monitoring and management with one platform.


Tailor everything from assessments to workflows without code and integrate internal and external data feeds and systems with Enlighta Spice.


Leverage advanced machine learning rules and NLP to automate contract identification and generation as well as clause extraction, analysis, and updates.


End-to-end encryption, standalone application deployments, and regular vulnerability assessments guarantee your data’s security.


Automated backups, high availability, and uptime SLAs ensure consistent performance and uninterrupted reliability for you and your third-parties.


Start small and scale to thousands of vendors, contracts, and users with our modular platform and flexible subscription plans.