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AI-Powered Vendor Relationship Management Software

Achieve strategic alignment with your suppliers with an intelligent Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) software that works out of the box.

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Build Stronger Vendor Partnerships with Enlighta Spice

Track, analyze, and optimize vendor performance with Enlighta Spice.

Unify, centralize, and enrich all vendor data

Gain a 360° view of each vendor by capturing all internal vendor data points like contracts, contacts, financials, subcontractors (fourth-parties), locations and more in comprehensive Vendor Profiles. You can also leverage Enlighta Spice’s external data sources and/or integrate with your trusted external data sources to augment and enrich each vendor profile with market, financial, ESG, security profile and other information.

Uncover valuable feedback with dynamic surveys

Effortlessly model and send dynamic Relationship Health Surveys to unlimited respondents to comprehensively gauge supplier satisfaction.

  • Branching logic: Ask customized follow-up questions that change based on previous responses and responder’s profile (branching logic)
  • Mandatory fields: Set minimum response thresholds.
  • Efficient data analysis: Set weights on sections or questions.
  • Reminders: Set reminders to respondents and survey expiration dates.

Gain 360-Degree vendor health insights

Assess and quantify each vendor’s health across multiple dimensions like alignment, performance, risk, compliance, quality, capabilities, ESG and more. You can leverage our out of box vendor scorecards or tailor them for your specific needs.

Improve Vendor Relationships

  • Quickly schedule meetings, invite stakeholders, capture minutes and action items, and track future meetings for each supplier.vendor
  • Create, assign, resolve, and track issues, identify root causes, and generate reports for deeper insights.
  • Efficient Action Item Management: Automate creation and assignment of action-items based on predefined rules. Track progress and gain real-time visibility into completion rates.

Enhance Vendor Communication and Collaboration

  • Vendor self-service: Empower vendors to update information, respond to assessments, submit documents, performance actuals, and more directly within Enlighta Spice.
  • Streamlined communication: Send alerts, collect info, and track interactions with customizable templates and automated workflows. Set up reminders and automate tasks for SLA breaches, renewals, expiry and other critical events.
  • Localization support: Share and collect responses to surveys and forms in regional languages, including right-to-left languages.

Why Enlighta Spice for Vendor Relationship Management


Streamline onboarding, contracting, performance, compliance, and risk monitoring and management with one platform.


Tailor everything from assessments to workflows without code and integrate internal and external data feeds and systems with Enlighta Spice.


Leverage advanced machine learning rules and NLP to automate contract identification and generation as well as clause extraction, analysis, and updates.


End-to-end encryption, standalone application deployments, and regular vulnerability assessments guarantee your data’s security.


Automated backups, high availability, and uptime SLAs ensure consistent performance and uninterrupted reliability for you and your third-parties.


Start small and scale to thousands of vendors, contracts, and users with our modular platform and flexible subscription plans.