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Next-Gen Third-Party Risk Management Software

Collaboratively manage and mitigate third-party risk across multiple risk domains, throughout the vendor lifecycle, with Enlighta Spice.

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Continuously Address Third-Party Risk Across the Lifecycle

Enlighta Spice helps you identify and mitigate risk across existing and evolving risk domains for your entire vendor portfolio, throughout the vendor lifecycle.

Intake and Risk Segmentation

Eliminate bottlenecks and fast-track vendor intake with automated PEP and global sanctions screening. Segment vendors based on materiality and criticality with initial assessments. Enable vendors to self-report with a secure self-service Vendor Portal and validate information automatically.

Due Diligence

Launch best-in-class built-in and customizable DDQs for assessing risk across InfoSec, tech, operations, ABAC, financials, and other evolving risk domains. Automate control tasks. Ditch the email back-and-forth and track, manage, and mitigate risks on a single digital workbench.


After initial assessments, seamlessly integrate qualified vendors into your ecosystem. Easily manage vendor information by consolidating all contracts, contacts, financials, subcontractors, sites, and performance data into Vendor Profiles and enrich them with market data, ESG scores, news feeds, and more.

Contract Management, Risks Identification and Mitigation

Import existing contracts, automatically pull key dates and terms and vet them against a pre-approved clause library to minimize contract risk. Streamline approval with collaborative workflows, and never miss a renewal or expiry with automatic reminders.

Continuous Risk Monitoring: Adverse Events, Performance, Compliance and Governance

Continuously monitor vendor risk, performance, and compliance. Get contextual alerts for vendor adverse events like data breaches, legal issues, natural disasters and more for proactive mitigation. Identify performance risk by tracking SLAs and KPIs for every vendor and generating SLA Scorecards. Automate review cycles and build in triggers for escalation, issue management, and remediation should risk or performance scores change or trend outside acceptable thresholds.

Why Enlighta Spice for Third-Party Risk Management


Streamline onboarding, contracting, performance, compliance, and risk monitoring and management with one platform.


Tailor everything from assessments to workflows without code and integrate internal and external data feeds and systems with Enlighta Spice.


Leverage advanced machine learning rules and NLP to automate contract identification and generation as well as clause extraction, analysis, and updates.


End-to-end encryption, standalone application deployments, and regular vulnerability assessments guarantee your data’s security.


Automated backups, high availability, and uptime SLAs ensure consistent performance and uninterrupted reliability for you and your third-parties.


Start small and scale to thousands of vendors, contracts, and users with our modular platform and flexible subscription plans.