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AI-Powered Contract Lifecycle Management Software

Minimize contract risks with an AI-powered contract lifecycle management system that works out of the box.

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An Intelligent Contract Lifecycle Management Solution

Minimize contract risk and maximize contract compliance with Enlighta Spice.

Seamless Contract Organization

  • Unlimited Contracts & Documents: Store all contracts, amendments, and supplier documents in a single, secure repository.
  • Advanced Search: Find any contract instantly with comprehensive search tools, including OCR and keyword filtering.
  • Contract Hierarchy: Link related contracts (MSA, SOW, Amendments, etc.) and navigate contract hierarchy using relationship tree and compound pricing terms.

Contract Risk Mitigation:

  • AI-Powered Contract Analysis: Extract key terms, dates, deliverables, obligations, SLAs, pricing and more with AI.
  • Automated Reminders: Never miss crucial deadlines with automatic alerts for renewals, expiries, and reviews.
  • Change Management: Track changes to contracts and automatically update impacted elements
  • Clause Library: Standardize contract language by creating and maintaining a repository of pre-approved clauses
  • Auto-populate Contract Templates: Create watertight contracts instantly by pulling pre-vetted clauses from your Clause Library.

Contract Compliance and Reviews:

  • D&O Management: Easily create, manage, and track deliverables and obligations throughout the sourcing lifecycle.
  • Streamlined Approval Workflows: Automate contract approvals and revisions with configurable workflows.

Why Enlighta Spice for Vendor Risk Management


Streamline onboarding, contracting, performance, compliance, and risk monitoring and management with one platform.


Tailor everything from assessments to workflows without code and integrate internal and external data feeds and systems with Enlighta Spice.


Leverage advanced machine learning rules and NLP to automate contract identification and generation as well as clause extraction, analysis, and updates.


End-to-end encryption, standalone application deployments, and regular vulnerability assessments guarantee your data’s security.


Automated backups, high availability, and uptime SLAs ensure consistent performance and uninterrupted reliability for you and your third-parties.


Start small and scale to thousands of vendors, contracts, and users with our modular platform and flexible subscription plans.