Manage Contracts & Compliance

Leverage a centralized contract repository, get automated contract expiry & renewal reminders, automate contract change management process, create a robust reusable clause library, extract key data from contracts, collaborate & author/edit contract documents, and more.

Complete visibility into key contract data elements

Greater efficiency via digital workflows

Automated reminders for expiry and renewals

Collaborative authoring & Editing

Contract Repository

Create a single system of truth with a robust document library for contracts, amendments, and supplier documents. Manage & access contract documents with auto-indexing, enhanced search (using boolean, keyword & proximity search terms), OCR, and more.

Automated Renewal & Expiry Reminders

Never miss contract reviews, renewals & other essential dates across the contract lifecycle with automated reminders and notifications for key contract dates. 

Contract Change Management

Automate the contract change management process by tracking the Change Impact records (such as new Expiry Date, Pricing elements or SLAs or Deliverables & Obligations) and automatically applying the changes to the various impacted elements.

Clause Library

Use enterprise-approved clause library including core and alternate clauses. Standardize contract language across the enterprise with pre-approved contract templates with the ability to create contract templates and update/maintain current versions of contract templates by category, upload the Templates created outside the platform, split the Template into unique, identifiable, comparable sections/clauses, and dynamically select a template based on user-defined rules or manually populated based on user input.

Contract Extraction, Analysis & NLP

Leverage the power of machine learning, artificial intelligence & extraction rules to extract metadata from contract documents, perform contract analysis, identify performance, compliance & financial data and update the same for ongoing governance of contracts across multiple suppliers. Automate the identification of documents types (MSA, NDA, SOW, etc.) & extraction of key terms, dates, deliverables & obligations, SLAs, etc. Create records and apply updates to existing SLAs, Pricing Records, Obligations, expiry dates, & contract values. It can also enable enterprises with the clause library populated with crucial contract clauses and contracts can be searched for such clauses. Furthermore, the data from the clause repository can auto-populate section fields in contract templates.

Collaborative Document Authoring/Editing

Effortlessly author contracts with MS Word integration, templates, and a robust clause library. Leverage wizard-based contract authoring as a self-service tool for contract creation from contract Templates, Clause Library, contract properties, and automated contract data from Enlighta. Gain visibility with comprehensive contract version tracking of Artifacts/Attachments associated with a contract. 

Enlighta Spice Can Also Be used for

Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM)

Supplier Portal & Onboarding

Supplier Performance Management

Governance & Compliance Management (Obligations Mgmt.)

Supplier Financial Management

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