Governance & Compliance Management (Obligations Mgmt.)

Enlighta Spice Enables Enterprises To Streamline their ongoing compliance across their supply chain. With Enlighta Spice You can effortlessly manage Deliverables & Obligations, Get automated reminders, automate the process of deliverable approval, manage QBRs & Meetings, manage action items, manage issues/Incidents, And More.

Reduce compliance risks

Improve efficiency via automated workflows

Greater value from supplier relationships

Deliverables & Obligations Management

Effortlessly create (or import from existing sources), manage & track contractual deliverables and obligations at any stage of the sourcing lifecycle. 

Automated Reminders

Never miss contract deliverables, reviews, renewals & other essential dates across the contract lifecycle with automated reminders and notifications for key contract dates. 

Deliverable Approval

Automate the process of approval of submitted D&Os with workflows and never miss any critical due dates with auto-reminders and penalties.

QBRs, Meetings & Schedule Calender

Manage the complete lifecycle of governance Meetings with stakeholders for multiple layers of governance (like operational, contract, strategic, & more). Capture the roles & responsibilities of stakeholders, effectively manage meetings (like QBRs, Scorecard Review) by quickly creating schedules, sending invitations (with agenda, stakeholders), capturing meeting minutes & action items, and creating & viewing forward meeting schedules (by meeting type, supplier & location).

Action Items

Automatically create & assign action items based on pre-defined business rules or events related to supplier governance, financials, security, etc. Easily reassign or allocate action items to teams or specific team members (user groups).

Issue / Incident Management

Create, assign, re-assign, resolve, close issues, create parent-child issue hierarchies, capture the root cause of issues, auto-create issues (on SLA breaches, on Invoice validation errors, on missed Deliverables, etc.), mark an issue as a duplicate, track and report cycle time and volumetric reports, drill down from Issue Management Dashboards and slice/dice issues. Effectively manage action items by automatically creating & assigning action items based on pre-defined business rules or events. 

Enlighta Spice Can Also Be used for

Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM)

Supplier Portal & Onboarding

Supplier Performance Management

Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM)

Supplier Financial Management

Enlighta Solutions are used & trusted by Leading Enterprises

Used across 10s of thousands of suppliers & third parties and for well over $50B of spend by several F500 enterprises.

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