Supplier Financial Management

Enlighta Spice Enables Enterprises To Effortlessly track & Manage Supplier Financial data to maximize contract value & identify savings opportunities. With Enlighta Spice you can track & manage contract value & spend, contract pricing, consumption , validate Invoices, track Savings & Budget, And More.

Complete Transparency into savings and benefits

Insight into forecasted and actual consumption

Digital workflows for invoice validation and approval

Contract pricing

Contract Value & Spend

Maximize contract value by getting complete visibility of all spend. Intuitive dashboards makes it easier to visualize actual spend by supplier, contract, location, resource-role and type of spend and identify savings opportunities.

Contract Pricing

Automate supplier pricing adjustments on annual basis with the ability to automate adjustments to active pricing records periodically based on rules such as reducing the rate cards to account for continuous innovation. Furthermore, capture Cost of Living Adjustments (COLA) or percent reductions at the contract level, track Role Master & Rate Master and compare the rate cards across suppliers even if the contractual roles are different.

Consumption Management

Automate the request & notification for users to update consumption data. Effortlessly track & improve visibility of total consumption & issues. Gain actionable insights with analytics to understand processes & make continuous improvements. Leverage pre-defined & ad-hoc reporting for effective oversight.

Invoice Validation

Transforms supplier invoice management through effective invoice comparison and line-item signoff workflow. Generate proforma invoices and leverage rule-based line-item validation of supplier rate cards, utilization, and other key data elements. Automates a multi-level review and approval process for invoice and line-item approval. Compare and validate third-party supplier invoices against contractual terms, deliverables, performance, and rate cards.


Savings / Benefits Tracker

Track Projected and Actual Savings (Negotiated Benefits) including Hard/Soft Savings by Supplier, Contract and Category of savings. Visualize and analyze Savings by type, status, supplier, contract, business unit, and more. Compare pricing for the same Role across suppliers and visualize Actual Budget Utilization vs Forecasted Budget Utilization.


Enlighta Spice Can Also Be used for

Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM)

Supplier Portal & Onboarding

Supplier Performance Management

Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM)

Governance & Compliance Management (Obligations Mgmt.)

Enlighta Solutions are used & trusted by Leading Enterprises

Used across 10s of thousands of suppliers & third parties and for well over $50B of spend by several F500 enterprises.

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