Continuous Risk Monitoring & Scorecards

Design and distribute risk assessments, collect & review evidence, automate compliance tasks, track & mitigate risks, manage audits & audit findings, manage issues/incidents, and much more.

Lower costs for effective third-party risk mgmt

Easily create, distribute & review risk assessments

Auditable compliance to policies & regulations

Reduce time & Effort for assessment reviews

Design & Distribute Risk Assessments

Easily create assessments with the ability to configure assessment sections, questions & corresponding weights as per your requirements and assign the owner of the assessment. Quickly populate questions by importing Excel templates and link questions to Assessment Category and Sub Category. Define category owners for assessment categories responsible to respond to respective questions in each category.

Customize Email templates, Launch Page, and Reminders to effortlessly distribute assessments to owners imported via spreadsheets or created online. The participants are not required to log in as users in Enlighta to participate in the assessment. Easily publish assessments by filling in the details and submitting the request which will then create an Action Item for each Category owner to complete the assessment for the respective category and submit Evidence.

Collect & Review Evidences

Leverage a robust evidence library for all evidence documents like attestations, reports, certifications, audit documentation, and more. Share evidence documents with your customers with configurable access control & expiry. Manage & access evidence document versions, their status (active/inactive), expiry, and more.

Compliance Task Automation

Maintain adherence to regulations by creating & monitoring ongoing compliance activities. Conduct periodic audits & assessments to identify ongoing compliance action items & automate reminders for weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual, or event-triggered compliance requirements.

Risk Tracking & Mitigation

Track and manage third-party risks to reduce risk exposure and make informed decisions. Define control points, review assessment responses, create risk issues, generate risk score & tier, mitigate risk with risk mediation plans across the third-party risk management lifecycle.

Third-Party Risk Domains

Audits & Audit Findings

Effectively capture, manage & assign issues and their root cause on SLA breaches, Invoice validation errors, missed Deliverable, etc. Effortlessly manage Corrective Action Plan by automatically creating & assigning action items based on pre-defined business rules or events related to supplier governance, financials, security, etc. Get real-time and actionable insights with reports that track cycle time and volume.


Issue / Incident Management

Create, assign, re-assign, resolve, close issues, create parent-child issue hierarchies, capture the root cause of issues, auto-create issues (on SLA breaches, on Invoice validation errors, on missed Deliverables, etc.), mark an issue as a duplicate, track and report cycle time and volumetric reports, drill down from Issue Management Dashboards and slice/dice issues. Effectively manage action items by automatically creating & assigning action items based on pre-defined business rules or events. 

Enlighta Spice Can Also Be used for

Supplier Portal & Onboarding

Supplier Performance Management

Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM)

Governance & Compliance Management (Obligations Mgmt.)

Supplier Financial Management

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Used across 10s of thousands of suppliers & third parties and for well over $50B of spend by several F500 enterprises.

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