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Privacy Shield Invalidation And The Impact On Supplier Governance

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The rise of the internet is one of the most critical events in the history of our species. It connected the world like never before and enabled people and businesses to rethink the traditional ways of doing things. The internet-enabled platforms and websites became an integral part of our lives and changed the way things worked. To better cater to their audience, these platforms and websites started tailoring the experience for each user, and all of this advancement required the collection of users’ personally identifiable information.

With more data collected by these platforms and websites, data privacy has become the top concern among internet users. The users wanted transparency into who can access the information collected, can the information be stored, read & shared without user consent, and can the information be used to track user’s online activity.

Moreover, businesses exchanged the data collected on the internet across the international borders, and soon, it raised government-level privacy concerns and how small & large companies used customer data. This led to the United States Department of Commerce and the European Commission developing a “Privacy Shield” framework to regulate data exchanges by businesses between the European Union and the United States.